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Rotten Gummy Worms Just in Time For Halloween

    Rotten, despite its unappealing name, is the perfect brand for indulging in high-quality gummy treats. Whether you desire low-sugar options or want to steer clear of artificial flavors, Rotten has got you covered. This brand is a culinary hero that can save your taste buds from boredom and take your snacking experience to the next level.

    Crawling out of the lab and into your mouth

    Rotten is proud to present its inaugural offering – the savory Rotten Gummy Worms! These delectable confections come in two exhilarating varieties – the classic original and the zesty sour. These slimy yet gratifying delights are a must-have indulgence, particularly with Halloween fast approaching.

    These delectable Gummy Worms are naturally sweetened and boast four distinct flavors. Playful Mango, Upsetting Blue Raspberry, Drippy Strawberry, and Eccentric Watermelon. What’s worth noting is that they contain a whopping 60% less sugar than their non-decomposable counterparts. It’s worth appreciating that the brand’s packaging is also made of compostable materials. What really stands out are the mouth-watering flavors that these worms offer. These extraordinary choices are crafted to delight your palate and cater to your inner eccentricity, ensuring a taste experience like no other.

    These delectable offerings come in packaging that is not just eco-friendly but also environmentally responsible. Crafted from 100% biodegradable materials, our packaging is a testament to our commitment to sustainability. What’s even more remarkable is that this packaging isn’t just green in the environmental sense; it’s also a remarkable addition to the most odoriferous of compost heaps. It decomposes naturally, adding a touch of eco-consciousness even to the foulest of waste piles. These playful candies are perfect for Halloween festivities, adding a touch of eerie excitement to your celebration. Even the Ghostbusters would be tempted to indulge!