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Rock with new Pebbles Crunch’d Cereal With RockStar Shapes

    Post Introduces New Pebbles Crunchd Cereal With RockStar Shapes

    For the first time ever, Pebbles cereal will feature a new cereal shape. I am a big fan of Fruity Pebbles. In all honesty, I only buy it when it goes on special. It is a pricey cereal. What we got here is the same taste, with a different shape. It makes Pebbles more snackable if you do not want to drench them in milk. Post wants you to rock with the Flintstones. Both of the new Pebbles Crunch’d with Rockstar Shapes cereal are available now from retailers nationwide.

    rockin with fred flintstone

    Fun Fact: In 2010, a television commercial for Pebbles cereal included a character named “Hulk Boulder.” Bamm-Bamm defeats the wrestler. There was just one problem — Hulk Hogan (birthname Terry Bollea) originally performed under the name “Hulk Boulder.” Hogan filed suit again Post.