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Rind orange, kiwi, and apple fruit chips 

    It’s crunch time! On the heels of a $6.1 million raise announced last month, RIND Snacks, a maker of functional and sustainable fruit snacks, is giving consumers an exciting, new, and innovative way to enjoy their daily dose of fruit. Expanding outside of the traditional chewy dried fruit category, RIND is crossing over into the large and fast-growing chips aisle with the launch of crispy, crave-able, thin-cut Fruit Chips in three vibrant and tangy flavors, including OrangeKiwi, and Apple.

    RIND Fruit Chips combine the bright, bold taste and highly nutritious benefits of single-ingredient fruit with the satisfying crunch of a chip. Made with USA-grown, non-GMO fruit, RIND Chips deliver up to three times more fiber, immunity-boosting vitamin C, and less sugar than leading fruit snacks on the market. RIND’s Orange and Kiwi Chips boast ~300% & 200% of the recommended daily value of Vit. C per bag, respectively.

    “At RIND, we’re all about offering consumers new twists on snacking classics. Potato chips have dominated this aisle for as long as we can remember, and it’s time to make room on the shelf for a snack that delivers both flavor and function. We’re excited to ‘flip the script’ on chips by bringing fiber and immunity-boosting vitamins to a category rarely known for nutrition. Enjoy RIND Chips on their own, dipped in a favorite spread, or elevating your next happy hour on the rim of a glass,” said Matt Weiss, Founder & CEO of RIND.

    RIND‘s new line furthers the brand’s fight against unnecessary food waste by encouraging consumers to ‘Keep It Real & Eat The Peel’ and embrace the benefits of eating whole fruit, this time in the crispy form. By retaining the rind on its products, the company helped divert over 120,000 pounds of edible peels from landfills last year and is on track to significantly exceed this sustainable impact in 2021.