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Recipes to die for from gravestone epitaphs

    woman creates recipes from the dead

    Dead men tell no tales, but you can take their recipes and become a TikTok star. Rosie Grant, a living dead girl is raiding your grandma’s recipes on tombstones. Then again, why are we putting recipes on gravestone epitaphs?

    “Cooking these recipes has shown me an alternative side to death,” said Grant, 33. “It is a way to memorialize someone and celebrate their life.”

    “Before she stumbled upon her first recipe, she had never heard of cooking instructions on graves. It is not a commonplace sentiment for a headstone, she said, but there is certainly a sprinkling of them out there. And once she got a taste, she made it her mission to find more.” WaPo (Gift Article): This woman bakes recipes she finds on gravestone epitaphs: ‘They’re to die for.’ The main tombstone recipe described in this article includes margarine, sugar, and flour. Was it left as a guide or a warning?