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Post’s new cereal Sweet Dreams supports your sleep routine

    sweet dreams cereal

    Post Consumer Brands is claiming to have created a cereal that will help you sleep. One of the main ingredients is chamomile which is used by tea manufacturers as a way to help encourage sleep when taken before bedtime. I am not a big fan of the cereal box packaging, it looks like a medicinal cough syrup box that you would find on the shelves of a pharmacy.

    The newly created line of cereal is called Sweet Dreams. It comes in two flavors; Blueberry Midnight contains natural and delicious flavors of blueberry, lavender and chamomile and Honey Moonglow which contains notes of honey, vanilla, lavender and chamomile.

    While we all deserve a good night’s sleep, for over half of American adults, that sleep is elusive. That’s why Post Consumer Brands is looking to help make your sleep dreams come true with Sweet Dreams – the first ready-to-eat cereal designed to be part of a healthy sleep routine while still satisfying those nighttime food cravings. 

    Sweet Dreams comes in two unique flavors, each packed with intentionally designed ingredients like whole grains, a nighttime herbal blend and vitamins and minerals including Zinc, Folic Acid and B vitamins to support natural melatonin production:

    sweet dreams cereal
    • Blueberry Midnight contains natural and delicious flavors of blueberry, lavender and chamomile.
    • Honey Moonglow contains notes of honey, vanilla, lavender and chamomile.
    sweet dreams cereal2

    “More than ever, consumers are looking to embrace acts of self-care, particularly as it relates to bedtime routines and we believe a relaxing bedtime routine is key to a good night’s sleep,” said Logan Sohn, Senior Brand Manager. “As a brand that’s been helping early risers crush their morning routines for over 100 years, we’re thrilled to now help fans also establish healthy nighttime habits by providing a nutrient-dense before-bed snack made to support a sleep routine they could only dream of until now.”  

    Rest easy knowing Sweet Dreams can be found in the cereal aisle at grocery stores nationwide. To learn more about Sweet Dreams and where to buy it, visit the Post Consumer Brands website at