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The secret history of Popeye Candy Cigarettes

    What is Popeye smoking in his pipe? Candy cigarettes have been around for ages.  Today they are known as candy sticks. They are banned in many countries throughout the world to curtail the actual addiction to real cigarettes. In the old days, candy cigarettes mimicked adult cigarette brands. The Popeye candy cigarette has stood the test of time. At one time Popeye candy stick had a red tip. It was cool to pretend that you were smoking as a kid.
    Today they are just called candy sticks and do not have any connotations to cigarettes.  You even have “Hello Kitty” candy sticks and other licensed characters. The only addiction you have to worry about now is a sugar addiction. I always found the Popeye candy sticks funny. Popeye is holding in his mouth an upside-down pipe. Gravity will tell you that tobacco will not hold up forever upside down, especially when it is lit.

    Popeye has been in the food branding business for quite some time. He is a walking contradiction, on one hand, he sells spinach in a can and on the other hand candy sticks to kids. If they were to create sweet spinach then everything would be golden.