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Pickle Juice’s new shot with functional heat chili lime

    Pickle Juice Chili Lime Shot

    Pickle Juice is very beneficial for your health. Got cramps? Take a swig of Pickle Juice with a dash of chili lime and you are ready to go.

    “At Pickle Juice, our mission is to help consumers achieve the physical success of the activity of their choice,” said Filip Keuppens, Executive Vice President for The Pickle Juice Company. “When developing our line extension strategies, we look at functionality first from an R & D standpoint. The functional properties of these new ingredients bring the benefits of our scientific formulation to the forefront of the consumer experience.”

    Pickle Juice is scientifically proven to stop muscle cramps, affecting 60 percent of adults. Muscle pain can strike when you least expect it–but Pickle Juice is here to solve all your cramping needs. Each Pickle Juice shot contains a proprietary blend of grain and vinegar–stopping muscle cramps before they even start. Pickle Juice is available in a 1-gallon extra strength pickle juice, 16-ounce pickle juice sport, 8-ounce pickle juice sport, 2.5-ounce pickle juice shot, and more.

    Fun Fact: Choose dill pickle juice for more potential benefits. Dill has quercetin in it. Quercetin has cholesterol-lowering properties. A study published in Cholesterol found that dill lowered cholesterol in hamsters. It may have a similar effect on humans.