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Peeps introduces new Dr Pepper flavored Peeps Chicks

    peeps dr pepper

    PEEPS Brand is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year and delighting Marshmallow lovers by launching its Easter candy collection earlier than ever. 

    Hey, listen my peeps! Peeps, the Easter confectionery candy brand has partnered with Dr Pepper and introduced Dr Pepper Flavored Peeps Chicks, a savory treat that combines marshmallows with Dr Pepper’s classic flavor. There are ten chicks per package. Available exclusively at Walmart.

    peeps kettle corn flavor

    As a bonus, Peeps has also launched a brand-new flavor of marshmallow chicks made from kettle corn, which can only be found at Kroger stores. One bite of the PEEPS Kettle Corn Flavored Marshmallow Chicks will transport you to your favorite street fair or movie theater! The sweet and salty taste of popcorn combined with fluffy Marshmallows is sure to be a new fan favorite.

    “The PEEPS Brand is honored to have been included in family traditions and celebrations over the last seven decades and is thrilled to continue spreading springtime sweetness with the launch of our 2023 Easter Marshmallow offerings,” said Caitlin Servian, Brand Manager for PEEPS. “From parents and grandparents passing down their PEEPS traditions to little ones, to friends and families incorporating our adorable Chicks and Bunnies into seasonal recipes and crafts, it is truly heartwarming to witness the many ways our Marshmallow candies bring loved ones together. We’re excited to see how our devoted fans express their PEEPSONALITY in 2023!”