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Pop goes the world: Kathy Kaye Popcorn Balls and Caramel Cobs are a hit

    There is nothing like watching a baseball game with a popcorn ball in your hand. Kathy Kaye Foods makes popcorn balls just the way grandma used to make for her grandchildren. These amazing treats are made with love. They are introducing a new line of treats called Caramel Cobs. Kathy Kaye products can be enjoyed by everybody for every occasion. The make seasonal products, be sure to munch on Easter Caramel Cobs. I rather eat a soft caramel popcorn that melts in your mouth with delightful satisfaction than nibble on a chocolate bunny ear. Kids will love the Kathy Kaye Foods line of products, so will the kids at heart.

    Pillsbury Doughboy 1

    Famous Food Mascots: Pillsbury Doughboy

      The Pillsbury Doughboy giggled into pop culture on March 18, 1965. Paul Frees (voiceover actor for Boris Badenov in “The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle”) was the first voice actor for the mascot.

      peanut butter in jar

      Who invented peanut butter?

        Contrary to popular belief, George Washington Carver did not invent peanut butter. Believe it or not, peanut butter was patented in Montreal in 1884 by Marcellus Gilmore Edson. It takes about 540 peanuts to make a 12-ounce jar of peanut butter?

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        Deep freeze: 13 foods you should not freeze

          Freezing food is a great way to save money but not all foods take well to the freezer. The cold can at most times ruin the flavor of many foods. Here is a list of common foods you should not freeze.

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          After heart attack Kevin Smith turns to Just Sides to lose 20 pounds

            Kevin Smith suffered a heart attack 13 days ago. His doctor told him he had to lose 50 pounds. He already lost 20 pounds by turning to @RayCronise and his program at One man’s loss is another man’s gain. Kevin Smith is praising the benefits of Ray Cronise’s Just Sides program.

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            Cool Whip Oreo?

              Introducing the marriage of Cool Whip and Oreo. Did I just die and go to heaven? Cool Whip Mix-Ins are the perfect blend of decadence for dessert lovers. Seems Oreos just goes with about everything.

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              Pizzapedia: An Illustrated Guide to Everyone’s Favorite Food

                If you love pizza and want to learn more about everybody’s favorite food, you must buy Pizzapedia: An Illustrated Guide to Everyone’s Favorite Food by Dan Bransfield. Pizza has a very interesting history, Pizzapedia will show you pizza in a whole new light with fun facts that perhaps you were not aware of. Every city and country has put a unique stamp on their version of the pizza. Artistically, this book is an all-dressed serving of colorful brush strokes.

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                Serial peanut butter cereal mixes

                  You heard of cereal with peanut butter flavor. How about peanut butter with cereal? Now you can buy peanut butter with such flavors as fruity crisps, cocoa puffed rice and cinnamon crisps. The Peanut Principle!, a New York, company wants you to think outside the box and put cereal in a jar with peanut butter. It’s like having two meals at the same time. Cereal with a sandwich.

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                  The last straw: Taiwan plans to ban straws

                    Taiwan is home to some of the coolest drinks such as fresh fruit juices, soy milk, and smoothies. However, they are having a problem with plastic straws. The straws end up in the waterways, wildlife and mix with Taiwan’s food supply. The country’s most popular export is boba or bubble tea and without a straw, it renders the novelty useless. You need a straw to drink boba. Taiwan plans to have plastic straws and cups banned by 2030. Plastic straws are now outlawed in parts of Florida. Calfornia wants to take the ban statewide. The eyes of the world are looking for a biodegradable-straw solution.

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                    Top ten list of best french fries

                      The editors of compiled together their top 10 list of the best french fries from the main fast food chains.
                      10. KFC’s potato wedges.
                      9. Taco Bell’s seasoned fries.
                      8. Five Guys’ Cajun fries.
                      7. Del Taco’s crinkle cut fries.
                      6. Popeyes fries with Cajun seasoning.
                      5. Wendy’s French fries.
                      4. Shake Shack’s crinkle cut fries.
                      3. Arby’s curly fries.
                      2. Chick-fil-A’s waffle fries.
                      1. McDonald’s fries.