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P.Pole Pizza launches new location in trendy South Beach

    Miami’s most beloved pizza restaurant for millennials has a new Florida home. P.Pole Pizza in April has opened doors at 701 Washington Avenue just steps away from the ocean and sand. South Beach’s trendy neighborhood just got hotter with the popular establishment that is taking America by storm with its fast and dynamic freestyle pizza. 

    P.Pole Pizza puts your pizza passion to the test as you create your own pie to please your taste buds. Their reimagined pizza is the answer to finding pies that cater to gluten-free and organic tastes with a vast array of flavors and options.

    The original P.Pole Pizza in Coral Gables serves as a launching pad for two more restaurants in South Florida. It changed up the pizza industry with its skate-board shaped pizza that was envisioned by Parsons School of Design student, Giulia Carniato. Along with her father, Stefano Carniato, they revolutionized the way pies and slices were served. Each pizza is as easy and fun to eat as it is to order. Customers from day one fell in love with the concept restaurant that is now expanding franchises across the US. 

    Giulia Carniato, Founder of P.POLE PIZZA

    Miami-based restaurant P.Pole Pizza has changed up the pizza industry with its rectangle-shaped servings. The person behind it is the 20-something-year-old owner Giulia Carniato, who has a true passion for food, as well as art, music, travel and most importantly business. She is the ultimate millennial with a business model that is loved by a generation of foodies and beyond.

    With three choices of dough, plus five sauces and over 30 toppings to choose from, you can enjoy mouthwatering pizza in mere minutes. Different offerings include standard, chia seed infused, and even cauliflower, their gluten-free option for people with allergies or those watching their weight. 

    Additionally, P.Pole gives customers the option of selecting one of their signature pizzas which are also baked in just over two minutes. Scrumptious signature pizza options include American, Italian, Cuban, Veggie, Meat and Barbeque. 

    Best of all you get healthy options that all ages will love. This is not your old-school pizzeria. This is the future of food that will only get bigger and better over time. South Beach is just the latest location to open as the popular franchise has expanded from the original Coral Gables restaurant to now Hallandale Beach, Miami Beach, Miami River landing, and Cypress, Texas.