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Olive and Fig turn their charcuterie boards into board games

    Olive & Fig charcuterie board games

    Our moms told us not to play with our food, I guess the folks at Toronto-based Olive & Fig Co. did not have moms to heed them. It is a clever way to play checkers where you eat your meat and cheese-filled crackers. The Charcuterie Board Games is available in both tic-tac-toe and checkers formats.

    Toronto-based luxury charcuterie and grazing company Olive & Fig Co. has created the ultimate party accessory, just in time for the holiday season: Charcuterie Board Games. This special edition charcuterie board features inlaid checkers and tic-tac-toe boards, so partygoers can use slices of cured meats and cheese as game pieces while they snack.

    With charcuterie searches spiking during the holidays, charcuterie boards are already a natural gathering point at any party, so “gamifying” them made perfect sense to FUSE Create, who approached Olive & Fig with the idea. Their aim was to foster more spontaneous in-person connections (and get people off their phones!) with a true ‘conversation piece,’ capable of drawing people in, and together, for a game, a bite, or both.

    Olive & Fig charcuterie board games

    “The desire for community heightens over the holidays, and with it, the competition to be the ‘host with the most,'” says Samuel Rudykoff, Copywriter at FUSE Create. “So we came up with this delicious and fun way to put a twist on every day and satisfy both needs in one,” adds Lia McLeod, Art Director.

    The 35″x26″ bespoke board, crafted in Toronto by One Off Fabrication Ltd., employs common design elements from a typical charcuterie board: a handle, a live edge to ‘frame’ the game space, and a groove to hold ‘game pieces’ – a.k.a. the snacks one can eat! The dual nature of the board unlocks two keys to holiday party success: great entertainment and fabulous food.

    “We grew up playing board games and we have countless fond memories of doing so, especially with our extended families during the holidays,” says Olivia Petrou, Founder & CEO of Olive & Fig. “So considering that we bring people together through their shared love of food, it was truly serendipitous that Charcuterie Board Games came our way via FUSE!”