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OLIPOP: What is functional pop? Is it better for your gut!

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    Listen to what your gut is telling you. You deserve a better soda in your system. Ever try functional pop? It is a healthier pop with better ingredients for your system. You deserve better. Remember you are what you eat. OLIPOP is standing above the giant soda makers and reinventing the industry with its line of soda flavors that you are accustomed to. Drink up!

    lemon lime OLIPOP
    Lemon lime is the new kid on the block

    OLIPOP is not your standard soda pop. The soda ingredients blend prebiotics, plant fiber and botanicals including Jerusalem artichoke, chicory root, kudzu root, nopal cactus and calendula flower which they say work together to provide unique gut health benefits. Besides cherry vanilla, strawberry vanilla, ginger lemon, and the newest flavor for summer, orange cream, reminiscent of an orange creamsicle in its taste, Olipop is available in various standard flavors you are accustomed to.

    olipop soda olipop soda

    OLIPOP falls under the umbrella as a healthier prebiotic soda drink that mimics popular soda drinks that are better for your gut. Some popular functional beverages feature goodies like probiotics (hi, gut health), collagen (oh hello, healthy skin), nootropics (sup, enhanced cognitive function), and adaptogens (byeee, stress and fatigue).

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    OLIPOP is about simplicity. I love their artwork. Nothing flashy, simple to the point. You know exactly what you are drinking with each unique can color associated with the drink inside. The uniformity of the whole line is pleasing to the eyes. It breeds trust.

    olipop soda