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New Variant of Loki Charms Cereal

    Introducing a captivating addition to the world of cereals – the all-new Loki Charms variant! Crafted with inspiration drawn from the captivating time-warping escapades of Marvel Studios’ Loki Season 2, this cereal box possesses a touch of enchantment, seamlessly transforming between a vintage Loki and the classic Lucky Charms theme.

    These exclusive, limited-edition Loki Charms boxes graced the digital aisles of, providing avid fans with a special opportunity to indulge in the magic. The boxes boast a nostalgic, retro-themed Lucky Charms design, featuring the mischievous Loki, donning a horned helmet, and striking a pose that closely mirrors the iconic Lucky Charms mascot. For true Marvel enthusiasts, the symbolism within the artwork is a treasure trove of references, with nods to Loki’s distinct headgear, the Time Variance Authority handbook, and even the enigmatic character Miss Minutes, brought to life through the voice of Tara Strong.

    It’s worth noting that Lucky Charms first joined forces with the realm of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2021, coinciding with the release of the show’s first season. This earlier edition featured a different design, and only a mere 3,500 boxes were made available, but through a different online platform. With the latest iteration, the world of Loki Charms continues to enchant cereal lovers and Marvel fans alike.