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New Ice Age: Starbucks to replace ice with pellet ice


    Did you know that 75% of beverages sold at Starbucks are iced? Choosing the right type of ice can make all the difference in terms of flavor, satisfaction, and cost-effectiveness. There are rumors that Starbucks may switch from regular ice to pellet ice, but it’s understandable to question their motives when such a major change occurs. Pellet ice is favored by some because it can be chewed even after the drink is finished, making it a hit with beverage enthusiasts. Are Starbucks consumers ready to make this new jump? Not all are happy about the news.

    According to a statement from Starbucks, they have introduced new ice machines that consume less water and will gradually be installed in all their stores over the next few years. As water is the primary component of all Starbucks beverages, this is a significant development.

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    The chewy ice in beverages, from sodas to slushies, enhances the drinking experience and has garnered a devoted following at Sonic due to its use of pellet ice. This type of ice has layers that allow liquid to permeate, creating a harmonious blend of flavors as the ice is chewed.

    Some types of ice shapes tend to melt faster because of their larger surface area. This can be enjoyable when drinking soda, but not so great when it comes to coffee drinks like iced lattes that contain dairy and can become diluted.