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NEW Eggo Fully Loaded Waffles Inspired Eggo’s Collab with The Surgeon

    Everyone’s favorite breakfast brand is launching a line of its most protein-packed waffles ever—say hello to Eggo Fully Loaded Waffles. But that’s not all! Alongside the new waffles come a crave-worthy custom pair of sneaks—Eggo Fully Loaded Kicks—so fans can fuel and fully load their families head to toe, literally.

    Eggo prides itself on helping parents beat the morning chaos by making sure the whole family is fed and fueled up for their dayThat’s why the brand is leveling up the breakfast game with Eggo Fully Loaded, packed with 10 grams of protein per two-waffle serving – Eggo’s highest protein offering ever – and the same delicious taste fans know and love us for.

    No flavor was sacrificed in the making of these protein waffles. Eggo Fully Loaded Chocolate Chip Brownie features a fudgy chocolate-filled batter and satisfying pockets of chocolate chips, while Eggo Fully Loaded Strawberry Delight delivers a berrylicious flavor burst from the sweet and subtly tart taste of the strawberry flavor-infused batter.

    “From satisfying their teens’ growing appetites to satisfying their teens’ growing fashion obsession, parents have a lot on their plate. We’re here to help them beat the chaos around what to eat and what to wear with a protein-packed collab both sneaker collectors and waffle superfans alike will be craving,” said Joe Beauprez, Senior Director of Marketing for Frozen Foods at Kellanova. “Waffles are the original inspiration for the iconic sneaker soles of today, so it made perfect sense to kick off our launch with spectacular sneaks that pay homage to this delicious history.”

    In a tribute to the historic waffle-sneaker connection and its influence on waffle-grid-patterned shoe soles, the brand is teaming up with sneakerhead legend and custom creator Dominic “The Surgeon” Ciambrone and SRGN to create the first-of-its-kind Eggo Fully Loaded Kicks. Like a delicious breakfast, teens and sneakerheads alike are always hungry for the latest looks and now, fans can get their hands on both with this protein-packed collab to fill stomachs and turn heads.

    Handcrafted in Los Angeles, these 100% custom waffle-grid-bottomed sneakers are infused with delicious details. From a syrup drip to a syrup pouch, these Fully Loaded kicks were inspired by the two new flavors: bright pink Strawberry Delight and rich brown Chocolate Chip Brownie. The sneakers feature premium suede waffled leather in shades of chocolate brown or tan caramel with pops of pink, and fillings inspired by each new flavor dripping down the midsole. For extra comfort, the collar includes added cushion to showcase the fluffiness of the waffles. These kicks even have a hidden zip stash pocket for a syrup packet on the go!

    “I’m thrilled to be part of this innovative collaboration with Eggo to help bring the essence of Fully Loaded Waffles onto the canvas of a sneaker,” said Dominic “The Surgeon” Ciambrone, Founder and Creative Director, SRGN. “I grew up eating Eggo waffles for breakfast and throughout the years have seen how influential the waffle-grid soles have become in this industry, so I’m excited to put our own twist on this iconic brand. I hope the fans appreciate the craftsmanship that went into hand-making these as much as they’ll enjoy the new flavors.”