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Mrs. Butterworth’s Fruity Pebbles Flavored Pancake Syrup

    Mrs. Butterworth's Fruity Pebbles

    Your favorite syrup and cereal come together for a fun-filled breakfast treat with Mrs. Butterworth’s Fruity Pebbles Flavored Pancake Syrup. Thick, rich pancake syrup with a touch of Fruity Pebbles flavor will make your breakfast favorites unforgettable. Perfect on pancakes and waffles, your family will love this tasty syrup. Serve it for birthday celebrations, weekend morning fun or anytime you’re craving a fruity-flavored treat. Mrs. Butterworth’s and Fruity Pebbles: That’s a new level of yum! Mrs. Butterworth’s started with the classic flavor of rich, thick pancake syrup that everyone loved. Whether you prefer to use it on pancakes, or waffles or add the sweet flavor to other favorites, Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup fits every taste and lifestyle. Today, you can enjoy the deliciousness Mrs. Butterworth’s is known for in everything from syrups and pancake mixes to pancake breakfast cups and pancake kits.

    You can purchase the cereal-flavored syrup at Walmart.