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Mister Donut Pikachu Donut arrives in Japan in November

    Mister Donut is all set to captivate Pokémon followers in Japan this winter with the much-anticipated launch of their delightful Pikachu-themed donut. Scheduled to hit participating outlets in November, this delectable treat boasts a vibrant all-yellow exterior adorned with the cheerful countenance of the beloved Pokémon character. To add an extra touch of charm, the donut is adorned with a pair of distinctive ears, not only enhancing its visual appeal but also providing an extra bit of indulgence for eager snackers.

    But the excitement doesn’t end there. Alongside the Pikachu donut, Mister Donut has exciting plans to introduce a range of other Pokémon-themed donuts, including one featuring the endearing Psyduck. This diverse lineup is sure to captivate fans of all ages, promising a delightful journey through the Pokémon universe in every bite.

    It’s essential to note that these Pokémon-themed donuts are expected to be a limited-time offering, available exclusively for this particular season. So, fans and foodies alike are urged to seize the opportunity to savor these delectable creations before they disappear from the menu, making this winter a season of delectable nostalgia and culinary adventure for all Pokémon fans.