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McFlurry Celebrating 25 Years

    It seems only like yesterday. The McFlurry is having a birthday on September 25th. To celebrate the event McDonald’s is selling birthday suits to commemorate the event. The McFlurry 25 th B-Day Suit will be available for $25, while supplies last. Get them while they are hot!

    “For 25 years, the McFlurry has been sweetening moments big and small. This fan-favorite is known for its creamy, vanilla soft-serve – made with real dairy produced by dairy farmers in the U.S. – and delicious toppings in every bite. It began marking celebrations in 1995 when a local McDonald’s Owner and Operator, Ron McLellan, in Bathurst, Canada created the treat. Today, it is offered in a number of countries around the world in a variety of beloved flavors.”

    Fun Fact: Ever wonder why the McFlurry spoon has a weird shape? It is made to attach to the machine, and that’s why it’s extra long. That’s why that square shape is there, too, to make it stronger and prevent it from snapping as it’s whirling about in your McFlurry. It is hollow because it saves on plastic while not compromising on strength, and it also insulates your hand against the cold.