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Massive Montreal 5-Pound Poutine

    Montreal is known for both hockey and poutine. Now both are nestled under the same roof. You can watch the Montreal Canadiens and wolf down their 5-pound poutine called the “CHampionne.” If a stretcher is called out most likely it will not be for an injured player, it will be for a cardiac attack client after consuming this monstrosity. Better bring a bigger pair of pants with you. Your waist is going to need to expand a bit more.

    The poutine has 11 ingredients including fries, sweet potato fries, two types of cheeses, gravy, onion rings, pogos, pulled pork, green onions, and three different sauces.

    The Championne poutine is only available between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. during the 5 à 6 promotion at the brand new M2 Marché-Montréal in the Bell Center. This poutine will set you back $50.00.

    Fun Fact: In the 1970s in New York and New Jersey, poutine was served as a late-night side dish at clubs. They called it “disco fries.”