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Mars UK to launch new Hubba Bubba ice lolly (popsicles)

    hubba bubba ice lolly UK

    Mars in the UK is transforming its popular gum brand Hubba Bubba into a frozen treat with the launch of Hubba Bubba ice lolly.

    Michelle Frost, general manager at Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats, said: “The Hubba Brand has enjoyed a recent resurge in popularity, appealing to a wide spectrum of consumers”.

    hubba bubba ice lolly

    She continued: “In the mints and gum market, we have seen Gen Z cited as the catalyst behind a 16% YOY growth in gum specifically. However, with Hubba Bubba, we also have the added benefit of brand nostalgia to appeal to Millennials and beyond”.

    “Following on from the successful launch of both Skittles Stix and Starburst Ice Lolly in 2022, introducing Hubba Bubba to our range of branded ice lollies is an exciting move for 2023, where we hope to add a pop of fun and excitement to the freezer aisle.”

    Fun Fact: Hubba Hubba was first sold in 1979 and the name of the gum was linked with the military personnel saying, “Hubba Hubba” which was popular at the time to indicate agreement or approval.