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Makita: World’s first battery-powered portable microwave oven

    makita microwave

    Have you heard about the world’s first battery-powered portable microwave oven from Makita? It’s quite innovative and unique! The Makita microwave oven is a groundbreaking product, as it’s the first-ever portable microwave that operates on batteries. The manufacturer claims that this 40V microwave is fully wireless. It has the ability to automatically turn off and can be used anywhere.

    This compact microwave has a weight of approximately 9 kilograms and doesn’t include batteries. Its interior capacity is limited to 8 liters, making it unsuitable for larger meals. It comes with a foldable handle on top or an optional carrying strap, making it easy to transport to construction sites. Additionally, it automatically switches off when opened or moved. The microwave also includes a filter to keep dust from entering the interior.

    makita portable

    With the MW001G, you can heat up your food and drinks effortlessly, no matter where you are. This cordless microwave operates without cables and has a remarkable 500 W power. Its top handle allows for comfortable and convenient transport, making it the perfect partner for your construction site or travel needs.