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Madame Fromage’s Adventures in Cheese by Tenaya Darlington

    madame fromages adventures in cheese

    Join Madame Fromage on a captivating journey through the intricate universe of cheese. Her book delves into eight different tasting journeys, highlighting various cheese types and flavors along the way. But it’s not just about tasting – the author also delves into cheese production methods, showcasing the hard work of cheesemakers and emphasizing the significance of pasture-raised animals. Look out for Madame Fromage’s Adventures in Cheese: How to Explore It, Pair It, and Love It, from the Creamiest Bries to the Funkiest Blues for a September release in 2023.

    Meet Madame Fromage, aka Tenaya Darlington. A charming, witty, deeply knowledgeable and, above all, passionate caseophile—a fancy way of saying cheese lover—she’s here to teach us pretty much everything we need to know about choosing cheese, tasting it, pairing it, and sharing it.


    Hey “curd nerds”, Madame Fromage is your cheese hook-up!

    Structured around the concept of eight tasting journeys, Madame Fromage takes us on tours through the cheese world. We skydive into fresh cheeses, like chevres, ricotta, and buffalo mozzarella. Trek through the Alpines, with its Emmentalers and Gruyeres. Go spelunking into stinky cheeses like Taleggio, Pont-l’Eveque, and the rank Langres. Take a geological adventure with aged cheeses, including Parmigiano Reggiano and Manchego, and hop on a blue cheese rock ’n’ roll tour—with their piercings and weird markings, these funky gorgonzolas, Roqueforts, and Stiltons are the rock stars of the cheese world. They also pair well with bourbon and elevate a burger, not to mention a wedge salad.

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    Cheese: How to Explore It, Pair It, and Love It, from the Creamiest Bries to the Funkiest Blues

    Along the way, we learn about pasture-raised animals, spend time with fearless cheesemakers, and discover tips on creating next-level boards for every style of cheese. And find a bucket list of 25 greats readers will want to tick off, one by one. For any curd nerd whose eyes light up at the mere mention of triple crème, it’s a journey that can’t be missed.

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    Tenaya Darlington serves as Cheese Director for two wine bars in Philadelphia, both called Tria and is a member of the writing faculty at Saint Joseph’s University. When she’s not teaching cheese workshops under the name “Madame Fromage,” you can find her circumnavigating the globe as a guide for Cheese Journeys — a dairy-centric food tour company. She is also the author of Di Bruno Bros. House of Cheese and co-author of four cocktail books, including Booze and Vinyl, written in collaboration with her spirits-expert brother, André Darlington. Her writing has appeared in Cooking Light, The Philadelphia Inquirer, EdiblePhilly, Fermentation, and Culture Magazine. 

    You can find her on social media as @mmefromage

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