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Lunchables partners with Del Monte to launch new Lunchables fresh fruit 

    Lunchables, the popular lunchtime brand, has exciting news for all its fans. In a groundbreaking collaboration, Lunchables has joined forces with the renowned fruit brand, Del Monte, to introduce a range of delectable Lunchables accompanied by fresh, high-quality fruits! This thrilling partnership aims to elevate the lunchtime experience for kids and adults alike.

    The much-anticipated Lunchables with fresh fruit will soon be gracing the shelves of select grocery stores. While the specific stores have not been listed in the press release, rest assured that they will be available in the south-central region of the United States. This strategic launch region promises to provide a taste of this innovative and nutritious combination to many eager consumers.

    “At Kraft Heinz, we are transforming through innovation by making bigger bets to fuel growth and create new products for our fans,” said Naor Danieli, Director of Marketing, at Lunchables. “Lunchables with Fresh Fruit is a ripe example of how we are quickly moving to introduce new offerings rooted in real consumer needs. Teaming up with Fresh Del Monte helps accelerate the innovation our brand strives for, lending its expertise in fresh produce to expand the delicious, buildable and real food experience we provide for kids.”

    This new line of Lunchables is set to revolutionize the way people perceive convenience meals. Combining the cherished, ready-to-eat Lunchables components with the wholesome goodness of Del Monte’s freshest fruits creates a well-rounded and balanced meal option, perfect for those looking for a quick and satisfying lunch on the go.

    Parents can now indulge in the convenience of Lunchables they’ve come to trust while feeling confident that their children are also enjoying the benefits of a nutritious and fruity addition to their meal. The collaboration is an answer to the growing demand for healthier and more diverse lunch choices, empowering families to make smarter food choices without sacrificing taste or convenience.

    “We see the partnership to introduce this evolution of Lunchables as a true game changer for children’s nutrition,” said Melissa Mackay, Vice President, Marketing of Fresh Del Monte. “By bringing together the freshness and quality that Fresh Del Monte fruits are known for with the convenience and fun of Lunchables, we have a real opportunity to change kids’ perspectives around fruits, ideally helping to make fruit consumption second nature to younger generations. It aligns closely with our mission to inspire healthy lifestyles and provide wholesome and convenient products to everyone.”

    Lunchables and Del Monte have a shared commitment to delivering high-quality products that prioritize taste and nutrition. With this exciting partnership, both brands are taking a step further in shaping the future of lunchtime options, bringing smiles to countless faces and fostering a love for fresh and delicious food among people of all ages.

    As the launch date approaches, be sure to keep an eye out for the new Lunchables with fresh fruit in your local grocery stores in the south-central region of the US. This exciting fusion of flavors is sure to create a buzz, and families all over the region are eagerly anticipating the chance to try this delightful combination. Prepare to embrace a new era of lunchtime bliss with Lunchables and Del Monte!