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Kellogg’s UK new Crunchy Nut offering with salted caramel

    Kelloggs crunchy nut salted caramel

    Cereal makers are always trying to re-invent cereal with the latest popular trends. Kellogg’s UK’s top seller cereal Crunchy Nut is getting salt and caramel added to the top selling cereal.

    “Crunchy Nut is our biggest cereal brand and this will be the first time we’ve made the decision to introduce a twist on our classic honey-nut flavour. Salted caramel was the perfect pairing for the brand and we can’t wait to see what people think.’’

    “With the huge fanbase the cereal has, we are always looking for ways to innovate and excite in the category.”-Rui Frias, senior brand activation manager from Kellogg’s UK&I.