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Israel’s obsession with Fruit Roll-Ups sparks smuggling

    fruit roll ups

    Busted! A couple from America was apprehended at Ben Gurion Airport close to Tel Aviv for attempting to smuggle 375 pounds of Fruit Roll-Ups packed in their suitcases. The couple, whose identity remains undisclosed, was detained for surpassing the 11-pound food restriction.

    Due to its sudden surge in popularity, the fruity strips have become scarce both in the United States and internationally, resulting in the emergence of a black market. Recently, Israeli Customs officials seized around 661 pounds of the candy, as reported by the nation’s tax authority.

    It is unclear from Israeli authorities whether the Americans were detained or if their stash of candy was simply confiscated. However, due to the candy craze, the Israeli Ministry of Health released a public warning, suggesting a healthier alternative: “Why not try a cucumber roll for a much healthier option?” (Yuck!)

    Fun Fact: Fruit Roll-Ups were initially produced in the year 1983 while research began in the year 1975.