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Hostess is bringing new Twinkies and Cupcakes pudding cups to grocery stores!

    hostess twinkies and cupcakes pudding 1

    A new Hostess pair of pudding cups recently surfaced in a couple of stores. These fresh Hostess Pudding Cups are available in two flavors: Twinkies and CupCakes. You can find them in the refrigerated aisle. I’m intrigued to find out if they have successfully captured the deliciousness of a Twinkie or CupCake. Are you planning to try either of these pudding cups? Personally, I feel compelled to try both just to determine if they truly replicate the flavor!

    Origins of Twinkies and CupCakes:

    In 1931, James Dewar, the manager of Continental Bakeries’ Chicago factory, came up with the concept of Hostess Twinkies. The primary motivation behind their development was to repurpose the surplus shortcake pans that the company possessed, which were typically idle outside of the strawberry season. It’s safe to say that the subsequent events have become part of history.

    On May 10, 1919, the Taggart Baking Company introduced Hostess CupCakes to the market. These were the first commercially-produced cupcakes available for sale. Initially, they were named Chocolate Cup Cake. During that time, a pair of Hostess CupCakes could be purchased for just five cents.

    Fun Fact: The original tin packaging of these portable desserts made them a popular choice for inclusion in numerous lunch boxes. However, when children began licking the tin caps and inadvertently injuring themselves, Hunt’s had to reconsider its packaging approach. As a result, the tin containers were phased out by the mid-80s.