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Hostess Brands rolls out its new product Kazbars

    Hostess launches the new Hostess Kazbars

    Hostess Brands is a leading innovator in the baking sector. Hostess Brands is rocking the “Kazbar” with this new snack offering. Kasbars are creamy, crunchy layer bar that comes in two flavors: caramel and triple chocolate.

    Hostess Brands announced the launch of its newest innovation, Hostess Kazbars, a first-of-its-kind candy-bar-inspired innovation within the snack cakes market. The new Hostess innovation combines layers of soft chocolate cake, crème, candy crunch and melt-in-your-mouth caramel or smooth chocolate fudge. The bars are covered in a rich chocolate-flavored coating and topped with a delightful drizzle for an afternoon treat the whole family will enjoy. Hostess Kazbars will be available in two fan-favorite flavors: Chocolate Caramel and Triple Chocolate.

    Hostess launches the new Hostess Kazbars display

    “We know that consumers are craving multitextured snacks – and the variety of creamy, crunchy and rich layers in our new Kazbars will make every snacking experience a more joy-filled one,” says Christopher Balach, general manager of Hostess Brands, LLC. “This new kind of snack delivers the familiar, moist Hostess cake consumers know and love with a new, delicious fusion of layers and textures. The snack has performed strongly with consumers throughout product testing and we’re excited to see that translate in the marketplace.”

    Hostess Kazbars will come in two sizes perfect for every snacking occasion. The product will be available nationwide at grocery and mass retailers in 10-ounce boxes containing eight individually wrapped 1.25-ounce minibars. Single individually wrapped Kazbars also be sold in a 2.75-ounce size at convenience stores and grocery and mass retailers nationwide. The product will hit shelves in mid-March.

    Fun Fact: According to Hostess, it takes about 45 seconds to explode a Twinkie in a standard-powered microwave.