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Hereditary gingerbread treehouse for the holidays

    hereditary gingerbread treehouse

    A24 is paying tribute to its weirdest treehouse in the closing scene of Ari Aster’s Hereditary with the release of a gingerbread treehouse kit. You will be making gingerbread treehouses with this non-stick cast iron mold till Paimon makes an appearance. All hail Paimon!

    Specialty gingerbread house kit including a cast iron mold plate, plastic treehouse base, recipe card, instruction booklet, and a tealight to illuminate your treehouse at night. Cast iron base builds one complete treehouse, as well as a gingerbread Peter, Paimon, and worshippers. 

    hereditary gingerbread house

    Made from food-safe ABS plastic, the base includes a forest-floor textured base plate, four “birch” legs, a platform, and a ladder.