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Heinz Tomato kid approved Ketchup with a Blend of Veggies

    Moms rejoice! Heinz has found a way to stuff veggies into ketchup. Those sneaks just added wholesome carrots and butternut squash with tomatoes. With 25% added veggies, it will not compromise the Heinz ketchup taste.

    “If we were going to add extra veggies to a new recipe, it was important to maintain the same distinctive taste, appearance and texture that have been loved by generations of families for 150 years,” said Dalia Adler, associate director of marketing for the HEINZ brand. “We went through countless recipes to land on the perfect blend and can’t wait to share the end result: a blend that we think will have your ketchup-loving, veggie-hating kids asking for more.”

    Fun Fact: In the late 1700s, a large percentage of Europeans feared the tomato. It was nicknamed the “poison apple.”