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Heinz Installs Giant Dispensers at Ketchup-Averse Eateries

    Heinz is coming to the rescue of ketchup lovers in Chicago, who often find themselves in a pickle when dining at renowned local eateries like the Wieners Circle that staunchly abstain from serving the beloved condiment. While it may seem like a culinary quirk to some, the absence of ketchup can be a deal-breaker for many Windy City diners.

    Heinz is turning this condiment conundrum into a win-win situation by strategically placing small billboards equipped with dispensers outside these ketchup-averse establishments. This thoughtful gesture ensures that patrons can still enjoy their favorite condiment without compromising their dining experience or facing the risk of being shown the door for daring to request ketchup.

    With Heinz’s innovative solution, Chicagoans can now savor their hot dogs, fries, and burgers with the perfect dollop of ketchup, regardless of where they choose to dine. It’s a tasteful compromise that bridges the gap between tradition and personal preference, making mealtime in the Windy City all the more satisfying for ketchup champions.