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Heineken Beer Outdoor Transporter (B.O.T.)

    This week, Heineken announced the release of its Beer Outdoor Transporter (B.O.T.); a clever green robot that looks and functions like a droid, using motion sensor technology to faithfully follow its owner around so that ice-cold beer is never far from reach.

    Set on two large wheels and four smaller ones, the robot cooler can hold 12 beers at a time, plus a cargo of ice, and can rumble away happily over grass and concrete without a blip. Though we’d probably caution against taking it on too many off-road adventures.

    According to Heineken, the B.O.T. has a “charming AI personality”, and can “speak” to its owner, asking helpful questions such as “Are you thirsty?”

    Launched with the tagline “Wherever you go, your Heineken will follow”, the robot is gearing up to become the ultimate summer companion. Now, if only it could be programmed to apply sun cream to those hard-to-reach spots…