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Hasbro & Babybel Join Forces With Special Edition of Candy Land

    Are you a fan of Babybel cheese? Do you enjoy the delightful world of Candy Land? If the idea of these two beloved favorites converging piques your interest, then you’re in for a treat! Hasbro and Babybel have exciting news to share! They have joined forces to bring a fresh take on the beloved board game, Candy Land. The outcome is the “Babybel Goodness Land” edition, a playful and imaginative blend of gaming and snacking. In this version, players are whimsically transformed into cheese, injecting a whimsical twist to the classic game.

    The Babybel Goodness Land team ingeniously devised an innovative and playful concept that fosters playful interaction between parents and children through gaming. The whimsical world of Babybel serves as the playful setting for the game, which is distinct from Candy Land. Participants assume the identity of their preferred savory snack cheese and embark on a savory expedition throughout the game.

    This limited edition release of the game is a creative and unique variation of the classic. Fans and enthusiasts have until October 4 to participate in the excitement. To be in with a chance of owning this exclusive gem, interested parties can visit the game’s dedicated website and enter for a chance to win Babybel Goodness Land.

    The upcoming collaboration between Hasbro and Babybel promises to bring joy and lasting memories to families everywhere. This innovative take on a beloved board game, called Babybel Goodness Land, transports players to a whimsical world where cheese reigns supreme. The limited-edition version of the game adds an extra layer of excitement to an already delightful experience. Make sure to seize the opportunity to infuse some playful cheesy fun into your collection of games!

    “Even when parents do find time, most say they are clueless about the digital games their kids ask them to play — from VR and AR to the metaverse, it all feels overwhelming — leaving little room for connection. That’s why Babybel, the maker of everyone’s favorite snack cheese is introducing Babybel Goodness Land, from the makers of Candy Land. Created in partnership with leading toy and game company Hasbro, Babybel Goodness Land furthers Hasbro Gaming’s goal of delivering families gaming experiences that are fun to play, watch, and share with a new twist on the iconic game designed to help parents build connection and bring goodness to both play time and snack time.”

    “In addition to craving connection, the survey found that 61% of parents love the nostalgia that comes with board games and the childhood memories these games bring back. For actress, author, and mother of two, Busy PhillipsCandy Land was the first — and most iconic — game she played with family and friends growing up, which is why she loves being able to share Babybel Goodness Land with her kids to build connection in a way she can’t with so many digital games. After all, it’s easier to play when you actually know the game, and once parents get kids to try the board games they loved as children, 79% end up playing them with their kids over and over again.”