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Green Giant survey names corn as America’s favorite vegetable

    Green Giant Americas Favorite Vegetables 2023

    Politics aside, it seems Americans are also divided between corn and broccoli. Middle America loves their corn while Democratic-leaning states love their broccoli.

    According to a recent consumer survey, corn has become America’s favorite vegetable in 2023, overtaking broccoli which had held the top spot for the past five years. Green Giant, a well-known brand associated with tasty and top-notch vegetables for families, announced this exciting news. 

    The Green Giant brand surveyed 5,100 Americans for its annual ‘Favorite Veggie’ survey to determine consumers’ favorite vegetables in each state timed to National Eat Your Vegetables Day (Saturday, June 17). 

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    Key survey findings include:

    • A Shucking Surprise – Corn’s popularity is soaring with 32 states selecting it as their favorite veggie. Runners up this year (in descending order) are broccoli, green beans, spinach, carrots and Brussels sprouts. 
    • The Irony of Iowa – Despite being the largest producer of corn in the country, Iowa’s favorite vegetable, yet again, remains broccoli.
    • Cut the Carrots, But Not the Green Beans – Notably missing from this year’s ‘Favorite Veggies’ map is the carrot, which has been ousted in favor of a new vegetable – green beans.
    • Broccoli’s Flavor is a Favorite – Despite its second-place finish in this year’s survey, more than 1 out of 3 Americans surveyed say they find broccoli to be the tastiest veggie.

    Survey Data Compilation: 5,100 American consumers ages 18-92 agreed to take an online multiple-choice survey naming their favorite vegetable. The survey was conducted from 2/22/23 through 3/8/23 and the users were recruited by a Suzy poll.