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Google Doodle celebrates scones, a much-loved delicacy


    The latest Google Doodle celebrates scones, a much-loved delicacy commonly enjoyed during afternoon tea in the UK. These delightful treats, usually accompanied by jam and clotted cream, can be found in bakeries throughout the country, from Scotland to the south of England. On this day, back in 1657, the concept of “afternoon tea” was first introduced and offered in London.

    Origin of scone

    Scones are said to have originated in Scotland during the 1500s, before gaining popularity in the prestigious “royal tearooms.” According to legend, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, Anna Russell, grew fond of scones and started to request them with her daily tea, making the combination popular. During the Victorian era, as Londoners started to take weekend trips to the southern coast of England via the newly built railways, local bakeries, restaurants, and pubs introduced the combination of tea and scones to the masses, leading to the creation of the term “cream tea.”

    Fun Fact: American scones are often shaped like triangles and wedges compared to British scones.