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Get Toasted: There’s Now an Xbox Series S Toaster

    One fine day, in the lower depths of a basement where bright ideas often collide with inertia, someone had a brilliant revelation: “Hey, have you ever noticed how much heat the Xbox generates? It’s practically a toaster!” His companion, basking in the glow of shared genius, chimed in, “Dude, that’s a fantastic idea! Let’s create a toaster that looks like an Xbox and revolutionize our pop-tart toasting game.” The first guy, still comfortably nestled in his man-eating couch, retorted, “I’m too slothful to get up and create a toaster, but I bet someone out there will. Let’s just wait for it to happen and continue with our game.”

    Little did they know, in the vast expanse of the universal mind, ideas were flowing like a river of futile inventions waiting to materialize into reality. Our dynamic duo, with a mere wish, imagined a world where toasters took on the form of Xbox consoles while they lounged in their cushy cocoons as the universe passed by them.

    Fast forward to the present and hold on to your controllers, because now there’s a new player in town—the Xbox Series S toaster by Microsoft! That’s right; it’s time for the ultimate breakfast achievement, as Xbox ventures into the realm of kitchen appliances. Get ready to toast your way to breakfast greatness, because the Series S toaster is here to make your mornings as epic as your gaming sessions.

    Crafted in the iconic design of Microsoft’s gaming console, this two-slice wonder is here to level up your breakfast game. Whether you’re into waffles, bagels, bread, Texas toast, or English muffins, the Series S toaster has got you covered. And for that extra dash of gaming sophistication, behold the Xbox logo imprinted right on each perfectly toasted slice.

    This toaster is not just about looks; it’s got the brains to match. With a digital LED countdown, a removable crumb tray for easy clean-up, and six toasted settings, the Xbox Series S toaster is a true kitchen MVP. Elevate your gaming session with a toaster that caters to your Xbox needs.

    Embark on the quest for a fully charged breakfast with the grand reveal of Microsoft’s inaugural Xbox Series S dual-slice toaster.

    • Fun Style: Toaster modeled after the signature design of Microsoft’s Xbox Series S gaming console
    • Fits Your Carbs: Wide slot with self-centering bread guide and bagel button accommodate slices from an artisan loaf, bagels, frozen waffles, Texas toast, or English muffins
    • Toasted Just Right: Six-setting shade selector dial for customizable browning doubles as a digital LED countdown timer/clock and also allows for reheating
    • Quick Warm-Up: The Defrost button handles items straight out of the freezer or your Series X Fridge
    • Level Up: Toaster imprints the iconic Xbox sphere logo on bread for the ultimate slice of fandom
    • Safe with Easy Clean Up: Anti-jam function, automatic temperature control, removable crumb tray, and non-stick coated plates
    • No Burn Outer Surface: Cool-touch exterior measures 15″ width x 7.6″ tall x 4.6″ depth
    • For a Wedding, Birthday, or Housewarming: The perfect gift for console gamers and Microsoft fans who want a little something extra to show off in the kitchen, dorm, office, or apartment