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General Mills Releasing Buddy the Elf Cereal

    Hallmark already announced their Christmas line-up of 24/7 Christmas movies. General Mills is not far behind with the release of an official release of “Elf” cereal. The sugar-laced cereal is yet another in a long list of pop culture cross-promotion products to hook kids at heart longing for nostalgia. Elf cereal is sweetened corn puffs with holiday tree marshmallows with flavored maple syrup and other natural flavors. The limited-edition Elf Cereal will be on shelves in time for the holidays.

    Fun Fact: Will Ferrell wasn’t belching on-screen for an impressively long time in the film. Instead, the long burp was recorded by Maurice LaMarche.*

    *Maurice voiced Kellogg’s Froot Loops spokes bird Toucan Sam.