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General Mills New Festive Gingerbread Toast Crunch House Kit

    General Mills is bidding farewell to the 2023 holiday season with a delightful surprise for cereal enthusiasts—introducing Gingerbread Toast Crunch, an innovative cereal that infuses the beloved flavors of gingerbread into the timeless holiday treat you’ve cherished for years. This new cereal promises to deliver the festive taste of gingerbread, transforming your breakfast routine into a seasonal celebration.

    But that’s not all—General Mills has gone above and beyond by presenting an additional holiday delight for you and your family to enjoy. Enter the Cin-Gerbread Toast Crunch House Kit, a unique offering that allows you to embark on a festive DIY project. This special kit not only includes a box of delightful cereal but also provides essential components for constructing a charming gingerbread house. With included items such as icing and the physical walls and roof, the kit makes the process of building your holiday-themed abode a joyous and creative experience.

    Unleash the holiday magic with an extraordinary festive kit that comes fully equipped with all the essentials to savor not only the delectable Gingerbread Toast Crunch but also to showcase your gingerbread construction prowess! Elevate the gingerbread experience to new heights in celebration of this fresh cereal release, offering enthusiasts the opportunity to immerse themselves in the holiday spirit with the exclusive limited-edition Cin-Gerbread House Kit.

    The Cin-Gerbread House Kit is a comprehensive package containing everything you need to craft the ultimate seasonal abode. From the essential components for constructing the perfect festive house to an exclusive ugly holiday sweater adorned with the beloved Cinnamojis, fans can revel in the holiday festivities in true CTC style while creating their irresistibly delicious masterpiece. Alongside these highlights, the kit also includes other essential items to ensure a complete and joyous holiday experience.

    As an extra touch of holiday spirit, General Mills has included a special purple sweater adorned with an image of the gingerbread house. This cozy garment ensures that you can showcase your festive spirit with style, doubling as an ugly Christmas sweater that perfectly complements your newfound love for Cin-Gerbread Toast Crunch. Embrace the season with this delectable cereal and the delightful DIY experience it brings to your holiday celebrations.

    An epic holiday kit complete with everything you’ll need to enjoy not only Gingerbread Toast Crunch but also show off your gingerbread-building house skills!

    Included in the kit:

    • An Ugly sweater
      Wrap yourself in festive, hilariously hideous style with our Ugly Sweater!
    • The gingerbread house kit
      Create a sweet gingerbread masterpiece with our Cin-gerbread House Kit!
    • Betty Crocker CTC icing
      Elevate your holiday treats with some Betty Crocker’s CTC icing!
    • Cinnadust
      Sprinkle some sweetness into your day with our delicious Cinnadust!
    • Gingerbread Toast Crunch
      The best way to spread holiday cheer and a dash of gingerbread spice is with a bowl of our very own limited edition Gingerbread Toast Crunch.