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France Issues New Scratch-and-Sniff Baguette Postage Stamps

    The French Post Office has once again demonstrated its flair for innovation by introducing a scratch-and-sniff baguette stamp. Yes, you heard that correctly! La Poste has released a new postage stamp that not only features the iconic baguette but also wafts the delightful scent of a French bakery.

    For just £1.69/$2.14 US, you can now add a whiff of freshly baked bread to your correspondence. Picture the scene: you receive a letter, and as you scratch the stamp, you’re greeted with the mouthwatering aroma of a warm baguette. It’s like having a little piece of France delivered right to your door, without the hassle of a customs declaration.

    This delightful stamp showcases a long, golden baguette, artistically wrapped in patriotic red, white, and blue ribbons—a nod to the French tricolor. With a limited run of 594,000, these stamps are sure to become a coveted collector’s item.

    It’s a cheeky nod to the French love of good food and finer things in life. One might imagine the local postie taking an extra moment to inhale deeply before popping it into your letterbox. In a world where emails dominate, La Poste is bringing back the joy of snail mail with a fragrant twist.

    So, why not add a slice of French charm to your letters? Just be prepared for your recipients to wonder if you’ve sent them a fresh baguette. Happy sniffing!