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The Sound of Silence: Doritos’ New AI Crunch Cancel Software

    Doritos Creates AI Software That Cancels Crunching Noises

    Indulge in the satisfying taste of Doritos without a worry – introducing Crunch Cancellation software, your solution to silent snacking! Unleash the power of this innovative technology, specially designed to mute the distinctive crunch of Doritos, allowing you to enjoy your favorite snack without disrupting your gaming squad or voice chat party. Activate Crunch Cancellation, and you’re ready to roll!

    This cutting-edge technology is driven by artificial intelligence, meticulously trained on a repertoire of over 5,000 Doritos crunches. With such advanced training, rest assured that no crunch will slip through undetected. Your gaming experience just got a whole lot quieter and more enjoyable.

    The seamless integration of Crunch Cancellation ensures that, once activated, your microphone becomes a noise-free zone for crunching sounds. You can continue chatting with your friends and teammates as if nothing has changed, but the distinctive Doritos crunch will remain inaudible to them.

    While the satisfying crunch of Doritos undeniably signals freshness and flavor, it can pose a distraction during crucial moments in gaming sessions or even in mundane office meetings. Acknowledging this need for a solution, Doritos has employed the prowess of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to introduce Doritos Silent. This innovative software is purpose-built to address the munching and crunching noises associated with enjoying Doritos, filtering through a comprehensive dataset comprising over 5,000 distinct sounds recorded by a diverse group of more than 500 individuals.

    Diverging from conventional noise-canceling applications, Doritos Silent functions as a sophisticated noise gate. It selectively permits vocal sounds to pass through while adeptly suppressing the intrusive crunching sounds that often accompany snacking on Doritos. Leveraging the vast repository of data collected from passionate Doritos enthusiasts, this AI Silencer ensures a delightful voice chat experience for gamers, granting them the freedom to relish their favorite chips without compromising the quality of communication.

    The Crunch Cancellation software is currently exclusively compatible with Windows PCs, providing an enhanced snacking experience for Doritos enthusiasts in the gaming community. In collaboration with the Brooklyn-based company Smooth Technology, this state-of-the-art software is designed to deliver gamers a flawless gaming experience without sacrificing their preferred crispy snack. Elevate your gaming sessions without missing a beat – or a crunch!