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Dollar stores become the fastest-growing food retailers

    dollar store shopping

    More than 1 in 5 consumers are buying groceries at dollar stores, according to Coresight’s weekly U.S. Consumer Tracker. Inflation has taken a big bite out of household budgets. Consumers are turning to dollar store products that have a lower sticker price than grocery stores. Dollar General and Dollar Tree, which owns Family Dollar and remodeling with more refrigeration units and expanded grocery items. They are actually adding more dollar stores. How can they expand with lower profit margins while the big chains keep raising prices?

    One of the concerns regarding shoppers choosing to buy their groceries at dollar stores is access to healthier fresh foods and produce. However, Dollar General does sell eggs and milk. In recent years, the store added fresh produce to thousands of its locations, as well, as providing shoppers with healthier choices.Dawn Allcot

    Fun Fact: The top three dollar stores in the United States outnumber Starbucks and McDonald’s combined.