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Counter ice cream machine from ColdSnap will make your summers much better

    I got my Keurig machine, Sodastream machine, and now I am adding a ColdSnap machine to my counter. I am set, I no longer need to go out for ice cream. This summer, I am making ice cream galore. I am bringing back the Ice Age. Oops, we are still in an Ice Age, heck I will keep it running a bit more. These self-serving ice cream machines churn soft ice cream in 90 seconds. ColdSnap is still in its prototype phase, it’s expected to be on the market by 2022. Snap to it guys, I want a machine right now. My counter is ready for you.

    ColdSnap is a rapid-freezing technology that produces single-servings of frozen confections and frozen beverages in approximately 90 seconds.  The ColdSnap appliance accepts shelf-stable, ambient-temperature ColdSnap pods that are filled with liquid ingredients.  The ColdSnap appliance then freezes the ingredients and dispenses the freshly frozen treat directly from the ColdSnap pod into the bowl.

    The pods look like energy drink cans. They’re made of aluminum instead of plastic because they’re easier to recycle, Fonte says. But each pod also has a built-in QR code and a mixer to ensure you get the right consistency for the specific pod you’re making. It starts out as a liquid mix and in under two minutes, it’s supposed to dispense your ice cream. Pods are designed to keep in your pantry for up to one year.


    ColdSnap, Corp. was selected as a finalist for the 24th annual SXSW Innovation Awards.  The SXSW Innovation Awards recognize and celebrate the most exciting tech developments in the connected world.

    “We are honored to be named a finalist for the SXSW Innovation Awards,” says Matthew Fonte, Founder and President of ColdSnap. “What began as a fun idea one night with my daughters while doodling in their invention journals has now grown into what we believe will be a game-changing, platform technology in the food and beverage space. Why keep ice cream frozen 24/7, requiring expensive electricity and creating unnecessary carbon emissions?”