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Corn dog donuts: Delectable new mashup from Philadelphia

    corn dog donuts

    Okie Dokie Donuts, a small shop in South Philadelphia offers a unique mashup called corn dog donuts. I am surprised that it does not get enough love. The city of brotherly love seems to be in love with corn dog donuts even if the rest of the outside world is not. The donut was gifted to the world on the day of the creator’s birthday. Carol Ha, the owner of Okie Dokie Donuts first introduced the new donut on the company’s Instagram and promises variations of the mashup. The corn dog donut is gluten, soy, and nut free, and still graces the menu at Okie Dokie. You get mustard on the side for dipping. Brilliant!

    In the same vein, you can get an old-fashioned corn dog with cake batter from Bar-S. An update to the hot dog on a stick, the new Bar-S Donut Dogs are a sweet and savory mash-up that is sure to please any meal or snack occasion. Enjoy sweet Old Fashioned Cake Donut flavored batter-dipped dogs that are convenient – easy to bake or microwave – and ready in minutes! They also have an option with cinnamon.

    bar s donut dogs

    Wait… there is more. Can you believe there is a sushi tuna corn dog?

    sushi tuna corn dog

    Fun Fact: In Canada, a battered hot dog on a stick is called a “pogo” and is traditionally eaten with ordinary, yellow mustard, sometimes referred to as “ballpark mustard”.