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Color-changing marshmallows put the magic in Lucky Charms

    lucky charms hidden dragon reveals in milk

    This summer, Lucky Charms cereal will have new large white marshmallows available in stores. When these marshmallows come into contact with milk, they undergo a color transformation and turn into dragon heads in pink or yellow, green eggs, or pink and yellow flames.

    General Mills has introduced new marshmallows in honor of a heroic dragon who saved their mascot, Lucky the Leprechaun, from hungry children attempting to steal a bowl of cereal. Back in 1964, a groundbreaking cereal was introduced to the world. It was the first to feature marshmallows, and its crunchy and sweet bits have since become a beloved addition to countless breakfast bowls.

    lucky charms hidden dragon reveals in milk

    “Legend has it that a magical milk lagoon appeared right as Lucky was trying to outwit and escape the pesky kids who are always hot on his heels. By tossing the charms in the lagoon, the cascading milk waterfall revealed the charms’ color and powers, and Lucky was saved by a friendly dragon who flew him out of the lagoon and into the magical sky.”

    “Using our brand’s first-ever marshmallow-revealing technology, we’re bringing the magic associated with Lucky’s charms to life,” Mindy Murray, General Mills’ senior marketing communications manager, said in a statement. “Every year we unveil more of Lucky’s amazing adventures, and we’re excited to introduce his new charms as he continues to explore the Magical Forest and uncover new powers.”

    Fun Fact: Did you know that the pink heart is the sole remaining original marshmallow in the cereal, also known as “marbits”? Interestingly, the cereal now comprises eight distinct shapes.

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