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Cheez-It Cheez-Itennial Cake by Chef Stephanie Izard.

    Cheez-It has been around for 100 years. To celebrate the event celebrity Chef Stephanie the coolest cake for the event. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the Cheez-It Cheez-Itennial Cake by Chef Stephanie Izard. Order quickly—these cakes will go fast!

    Cheez-It® is turning 100! And 100 years isn’t enough time to tell you everything Chef Stephanie loves about the cheesy, crunchy, perfect Cheez-It cracker. So, she baked it all into a cake instead. Every Cheez-Itennial Cake is bursting with AN ENTIRE BOX of her favorite Original Cheez-It crackers, from the ground Cheez-It flour in the batter to the Cheez-It and shortbread crumble between the layers. All balanced to salty-sweet perfection with swirls of caramel throughout, hints of strawberry in the icing, and chocolate-covered Cheez-It crackers popping out the top to join the party! Trust Chef Stephanie, if you’re as obsessed with Cheez-It as she is, this one’s for you.

    As James Beard Award-winning Chicago chef Stephanie Izard’s newest concept, Sugargoat is your new go-to bakery and special occasion sweets shop and is a place where Izard’s team carries out Goatland’s tradition of showcasing their love of fun flavor combinations. Enjoy your fondest food memories turned into tasty dessert experiences and continue to make more memories enjoying sweets with friends and family!