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Cheetos releases new Cheetos Duster to grind snacks to dust

    cheetos duster

    Now you can sprinkle Cheetos pixie dust all over your favorite foods with the Cheetos Duster. Like magic, fill the mini appliance with Cheetos and grind them to dust. It turns Cheetos into delicious dust! You will leave behind your orange fingerprints, the evidence for all to see. This fun gadget is only available on Amazon.

    If you are too cheap there is an alternative. Fill a Ziploc bag with Cheetos and step on them to your heart’s delight. Hammers are recommended.

    how to use cheetos duster 2
    how to use cheetos duster
    • Frito-Lay brand Cheetos partnered with Amazon as its exclusive selling partner for a novelty kitchenware product, the Cheetos Duster, per details shared with Marketing Dive. The product is available for purchase beginning Nov. 21.
    • The Cheetos Duster takes to the likeness of a handheld blender and is intended to blend up a handful of Cheetos into dust, or “Cheetle,” as coined by the brand. Cheetos released a slew of recipes paired with video instructions for making Cheetos cuisine to spark inspiration. 
    • The novelty item is the latest to hit the market this holiday season and the latest attempt by the brand to generate hype for its orange dust.

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    cheetos duster diagram