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Charlie the Tuna Pop! vinyl figure sold exclusively at Funko's online store

    Charlie the Tuna celebrates over 50 years in a limited vinyl figure by Funko. StarKist has made tuna fun for kids and adults alike with the underwater beatnik lovable Charlie the Tuna. The jive-talking cool tuna has hit the right chords with all age groups and remains still a popular fixture today.

    “Since 1961, a spectacled blue tuna wearing a red cap has represented the iconic tuna company, StarKist. Now, this Funko Shop limited edition Pop! Charlie the Tuna is ready for a new home where he can greet guests with a friendly wave and smile.”

    Charlie the Tuna Pop! vinyl figures are exclusively at Funko’s online store for $15 each. Tell ’em, Funko sent you”

    Fun Fact: Charlie the Tuna was based on Tom Rogers’ friend Henry Nemo. Nemo is known as the “creator of jive”, which resembles the loose-lipped slang used by Charlie the Tuna.