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Cavendish Bananas Top Banana in the World

    Cavendish bananas

    It would be a gross understatement to merely label bananas as a popular fruit; across the globe, an astonishing annual consumption of over 100 billion bananas attests to their immense popularity. What’s even more remarkable is that, in the vast majority of cases, the banana of choice is the ubiquitous Cavendish variety. The reason behind this preference is twofold, driven by its remarkable resistance to diseases that have ravaged other banana types and its exceptional ability to maintain freshness over an extended period.

    The fact that over 100 billion bananas are devoured annually highlights the widespread appeal of this beloved fruit. However, it’s the prevalence of the Cavendish banana, representing a staggering 90% of these consumption figures, that truly underscores its global dominance.

    Dan Koeppel, the author of Banana: The Fruit That Changed the World, “bananas remain incredibly cheap. When you adjust for inflation, they’re nearly as cheap and in some cases even cheaper than they were decades ago, when we first started importing them widely.”

    The extended shelf life of the Cavendish banana plays a pivotal role in its continued popularity. This variety of bananas retains its freshness and appealing texture for longer durations than many other types. This quality not only benefits consumers by reducing food waste but also aids in the global distribution of bananas, ensuring that they reach far-flung corners of the world while still maintaining their quality.

    The global preference for Cavendish bananas, as evidenced by the staggering consumption figures, is underpinned by two significant factors: its remarkable resistance to banana-killing diseases and its exceptional shelf life. These attributes not only ensure the availability of this beloved fruit but also contribute to reducing food waste and making bananas accessible to people in various corners of the world.