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pizza box

When was the first pizza box created?

    All hail the mighty pizza box that opened the floodgates to the mass circulation of our favorite fast food. A patent was issued for the pizza box in 1963.

    P Pole Pizza 1 scaled

    P.Pole Pizza launches new location in trendy South Beach

      Miami’s most beloved pizza restaurant for millennials has a new Florida home. P.Pole Pizza in April has opened doors at 701 Washington Avenue just steps away from the ocean and sand. South Beach’s trendy neighborhood just got hotter with the popular establishment that is taking America by storm with its fast and dynamic freestyle pizza.

      Little Caesars Debuts New Pizza Creation Inspired By Gotham Citys Caped Crusader 1

      The Batman Calzony pizza by Little Caesars

        Little Caesars is partnering with the all-new film The Batman to bring fans of the legendary comic book character for a global promotion featuring a one-of-a-kind new product, The Batman Calzony. The Batman Calzony is created by combining a pizza lover’s own dynamic duo: calzone and pizza.

        Little Caesers 1

        Little Caesars Fun Facts

          As a baseball player, Mike Ilitch the founder of Little Caesars used to scout pizza joints in the 50s when he traveled from town to town.