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taco croissant 1

Taco Croissant: New food fad ready to conquer the world

    Remember the cronut? Are you ready for the taco croissant? Introducing the Tacros! The culprit bakery that unleashed this monstrosity is Vive La Tarte in San Francisco. It will set you back $12.00 for the taco croissant. We will see if this fad will catch on. A bit pricey but so was the cronut.

    wake and cake

    Wake and Cake: Eat cake for breakfast

      According to Loblaws eating cake in the morning will be a new trend in 2018. Their reasoning is quite simple, eat cake in the morning and work it off in the entire day. They are not saying you should eat cake each day. It would be better to eat it in the morning so that your body has the whole day to work it off as opposed when you eat cake before going to bed. The occasional indulgence should not do any harm. So get ready to wake and cake, this will a term you will be hearing a bit more often in the following months.

      Baileys New Strawberries Cream 1

      Sweet nothings: Baileys New Strawberries & Cream

        Valentine’s Day brings out limited gimmicky brands of your favorite foods. Baileys and other liquor companies are no strangers to the owner of the lonely heart who wants a little je ne sais quoi to spice up their chances in the game of love. Baileys Strawberries & Cream is currently available through April — or while supplies last.

        stormtrooper toaster 1

        Toast of the town: Stormtrooper Toaster

          You think by now the Stormtroopers would make toast out of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. Who would figure their that a Stormtrooper’s helmet would make a great toaster for the Empire. The toaster would make an excellent addition to Chalmun’s Cantina on Tatooine. Nothing like toast with local favorite “Bantha Milk”to make little boys and girls grow up to desert rebels.

          Mozzarella Stick Chips 1

          Ruffles flavor: Mozzarella ‘n Marinara

            Finally, the USA will get to taste Ruffles flavor: Mozzarella ‘n Marinara at their local Wal-Mart and Safeway stores. Introduced in the Canadian market about a year ago, the new flavored chips should be a hit.
            “They’re a perfect blend of smooth mozzarella cheese and tangy marinara seasoning.”

            Crispy MM Chocolate Spread 1

            M&Ms‘ Chocolate Spread with Crispy Pieces

              Halloween is super early this year. Meet’s Europe’s favorite chocolate spread mixed with America’s beloved M&M’s. It’s decadent! Unfortunately, it can be bought in the UK and through Amazon. The crispy M&M’s would be an ideal spread for international pancake day.