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There is a right way to enjoy candy corn for Halloween

    candy corn

    Each year candy corn gets a bad rap as being the worst candy, but is there a right way to enjoy candy corn? the National Confectioners Association did some research to find out just how people eat their corn candy. It is hard to believe that candy corn is the second most popular treat for the Halloween season. So if you are going eat the darn candy, eat it right!

    Is there a better debate than the one surrounding candy corn? Love it or hate it, consumers report that there is a right way to enjoy it – and the National Confectioners Association has done the heavy lifting in terms of public opinion research to get to the bottom of this burning question. A recent NCA survey found that 33% of candy corn loyalists nibble the narrow white end, just 16% start with the wider yellow end – and more than half of all consumers just go for it and eat the entire piece at once.

    No matter how – or if – you enjoy candy corn, there’s no denying how iconic the triangular treats are during the Halloween season. And for anyone who might doubt its popularity and ubiquity, candy corn is the second most popular treat for the Halloween season. The only thing that scored higher is chocolate – and rounding out the top three is gummy candy as a category.

    As you enjoy your favorite Halloween treats between now and October 31, know that America’s chocolate and candy companies delivered on their commitment to helping consumers manage their sugar intake by providing more transparency, choice and portion guidance options. 85% of chocolate and candy sold today comes in packaging that contains 200 calories or less per pack. That number includes individually wrapped products or multipacks that contain smaller packages inside – the perfect size for the 97% of Americans who say they welcome trick-or-treaters with chocolate and candy.

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